Wheelies are the slam dunks of the motorcycling world. Dynamic, adrenaline-fueled, and endlessly entertaining, they're crowd-pleasing and fun to perform. However, dunking a basketball doesn’t come with the same inherent dangers as lofting a 600-pound motorcycle onto its rear wheel. To help budding stunt riders prioritize the fundamentals, stunt extraordinaire Rok Bagoros took to his popular YouTube channel and showed us the ropes.

First and foremost, we should call out that wheelies aren’t legal on public roadways. Once you find a suitable and safe location, make sure that your machine is in proper operating condition and wear the appropriate riding gear. The consummate professional that Bagoros is, he conducts an overview of the standard practices, but we can’t stress the hazards enough.

With all the boxes checked, Bagoros starts with baby steps, instructing riders to practice rear brake application. While a braking exercise sounds like the antithesis of a wheelie tutorial, the brake pedal is your last line of defense against looping your bike. After the get acclimated to the sensation of the front wheel lifting. Next, the pro rider goes over clutch and throttle application before illustrating textbook body positioning.

It’s only after knowing the techniques and the rationale behind them that riders should start getting the front wheel off the ground. Bagoros promotes small wheelies before attempting any dank nooners, as one needs to acclimate to the sensation of riding on one wheel before trying advanced maneuvers. Though Bagoros advances to finding the balance point over the span of a 16-minute YouTube video, aspiring stunt riders should know that the process can take weeks or even months to master. Slow and steady progression is preferred, as the dangers are ever-present.

Of course, a Rok Bagoros video wouldn’t be complete without him showing off a bit and wheelieing his KTM 1290 Super Adventure. If you’re looking to get into the stunt game, the RokBagoros Stuntrider channel is a good place to start. Yes, the showboating is entertaining but it’s the highly-detailed instruction that’s the real slam dunk.

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