The dawn of the electrification of vehicles has given birth to some pretty quirky machines. From futuristic electric motorcycles to closed-cabin two-wheelers, it would appear that designers are really pushing the envelope as far as the configurations of EVs are concerned. One of these manufacturers is Arcimoto, Inc. The company is known for their Fun Utility Vehicle, or FUV, a tandem two-seater all electric vehicle. 

Now, while the Arcimoto FUV resembles a car more closely than it does any motorcycle, this may soon be about to change as Arcimoto is set to acquire three-wheeled specialists Tilting Motor Works. A report by Business Wire states that Arcimoto has reached an agreement to acquire all of Tilting Motor Works' assets for around $10 million USD, along with Arcimoto shares. The deal is expected to close during the first quarter of this year. That said, Arcimoto seeks to integrate its newly acquired assets from Tilting Motor Works into their future products. 

Arcimoto To Acquire Tilting Motor Works
Arcimoto FUV

Tilting Motor Works is known for the TRiO, which is the most popular three-wheel conversion kit for touring motorcycles. The three-wheel conversion kit provides the best of both worlds for riders seeking a more comfortable and stable ride, while maintaining the riding characteristics of a motorcycle. This means that the TRiO conversion kit enables the rider to pilot their vehicle as if it were a two-wheeled motorcycle, but eliminates the need to put down their feet while at a stop, or riding in slow traffic. 

Bob Mighell, founder and CEO of Tilting Motor Works expressed his excitement towards the acquisition stating, "We will continue to build our TRiO kits that make motorcycles safer to ride, and we are thrilled to begin development on new Arcimoto products that utilize our technology to create a better, more sustainable world." It sure looks like the future holds some exciting new EVs from Arcimoto and Tilting Motor Works.

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