Who here is looking forward to taking their bike out of hibernation and get riding again? Yeah, we thought so: that’s pretty much all of us who had to winterize our motorcycles and scooters. If you’re buried in snow, of course, the conditions probably aren’t ideal to head out for a little winter rip unless you’ve mastered the art of the slide. If like some of us, the winter’s been snow-free, however, defying the cold for the satisfaction of a joy ride is increasingly tempting. Especially if you rely on your bike or scooter for commuting.   

When cold is the only real obstacle keeping us from extending our riding season (or starting it early), the good news is that we have a few options to make winter riding more comfortable. The Kappa KS604 universal heated muffs are one of those options.  

Kappa introduced the system at and the product became available later in 2020 so we’re not breaking any news here. That being said, it’s also the first winter we’re dealing with since they became available and we felt it was our mission to remind you that heated muffs are out there and could help you avoid winterization altogether.   

The cool things heated muffs do that heated grips don’t is to protect the hands from the cold air. Heated grips are great because they do a fair job at keeping the inside of the hands warm, however, the top of the hand can significantly cool down in comparison. When it’s freezing out, the heated grips aren’t quite enough to keep you comfortable—that’s where gauntlets save the day. Add to that the fact that they can be hooked up to the battery and turn into miniature hand ovens and its sounds like the ideal winter riding tool.   

The Kappas feature an all-polyester construction with an insulated interior lining that keeps the heat in instead of letting it out. They offer three heat settings to adapt to the outside temperature and are designed to fit on pretty much any motorcycle. The kit can either be plugged directly into the battery or into a Kappa Power Hub if you already have one installed or want to purchase one with the intention of having more than one item connected to the battery.   

If you live in the U.S., you might want to make a friend in Canada or in Europe if you want those as Kappa doesn’t (currently) sell stateside. North of the border, the Kappa SK604 muffs retail for CA$206.99 (so roughly US$160). If you’ve decided to keep riding when the going gets cold, it could be worth it! 

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