If you’re looking to change up your heated gear game, there’s a new piece of battery-powered kit on the block—and despite how it looks at first glance, it’s no ‘80s aerobics throwback. The new WarmMe Leg Heater from Capit will keep your legs warm, and you don’t even have to join a Jazzercise class.  

Racers and people who do track days may recognize Capit from their tire warmers. The Italian manufacturer first started putting out high-quality tire warmers in 1996. While it’s still primarily known for both bike and car tire warmers, the company has branched out into other accessories over time. With that in mind, heated clothing for riders makes perfect sense.  

In Europe, big, weatherproof heated leg covers that cover the entire lower half of your body have been marketed to scooterists for years. They’ll keep you warm and reasonably dry, even in inclement weather. Unfortunately, they’re hardly ideal for motorcyclists.  

Enter Capit’s WarmMe Leg Heater with batteries. It comes in pairs, so you can keep both your legs individually warm thanks to its non-bulky carbon fiber heating elements. The exterior is water-resistant, and even has a nice reflective strip for added visibility to other road users. Adjustable elastic bands with anti-slip rubber backs and hook-and-loop closures secure the leg heaters to fit a variety of sizes. 

Gallery: Capit WarmMe Leg Heaters

Now, about operation. Three different heat settings are available at the press of a button. The leg heater package as sold includes batteries and a charger, so you don’t need to make additional purchases to get them to work.  

The batteries are 3000 mAh lithium polymer units, which Capit says will last anywhere from 3.5 to 9 hours on a single charge. You can also remove the batteries and wash these warmers by hand at 30 degrees Celsius (or 86 degrees Fahrenheit). Total price for a set of these is 170 Euros, or about $201 at the time of writing. 

To be perfectly clear, we haven’t tested these—we're just telling you about them because they’re a unique change from, say, a pair of heated pants and/or socks. I’m a rider who keeps going when it’s cold out, but I personally stick with a heated jacket liner and gloves, and don’t feel the need for heat on the lower half of my body. However, every rider has different preferences, so it’s definitely good that a variety of options exist to keep us all warm and toasty.  

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