As a brand-new year starts to unfurl, Shoei hasn’t announced any totally new models for 2021. However, if you’re in the market for a new lid and you’re looking for both high build quality and some new graphics, the company may have what you’re looking for. If you’re shopping for a new X-Fourteen, GT-Air II, Neotec 2, J-Cruise 2, Hornet ADV, or VFX-WR, you have plenty of new options to choose from. 

Since Shoei sells its helmets around the world, please bear in mind that not all helmets are homologated for all markets. This unfortunately means that not all options will necessarily be available in your region. When in doubt, it’s worth checking with your local authorized Shoei dealers to find out pricing and availability in your market.  

Over in the X-Fourteen full-face race helmet realm, the new Marc Márquez replica lid, called Marquez 6, is currently scheduled for release in March, 2021. If you’d rather support little brother Alex Márquez instead, the all-new AM73 graphic starts shipping just a little sooner, on February 9, 2021.  

Shoei X-Fourteen AM73 - Side View
Shoei GT-Air II Lucky Charms - Side View

For those who are fond of the GT-Air II, a new black, white, and red graphic called Emblem will start shipping on January 26, 2021. Be aware that this one is limited to orders placed by the end of April, 2021, so it won’t be around forever. For anyone looking for a much brighter, more playful graphic, the Lucky Charms colorway will ship in March, 2021, and is limited to orders placed by the end of June, 2021. It features a range of eight-bit darumas, mushrooms, lucky cats (maneki neko), and other whimsical icons.  

Gallery: Shoei 2021 Helmet Graphics

The Neotec II Respect graphic brings a bold white, black, and red design and will begin shipping on February 18, 2021. For 2021, the J-Cruise II is available in your choice of twelve different color options, including both one-color designs and bolder graphics. Likewise, the Hornet ADV comes in thirteen different colorways, and the VFX-WR comes in fifteen different colorways to round out the 2021 collection.

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