Like it or not, electric motorcycles are here to stay. Some people think they're the greatest thing since sliced bread. Others don't take them seriously because of their range limitations and lack of recharging options. Smightification absolutely loves his, though. It's worth listening to what he has to say about why his Zero SR/F fits his needs so perfectly.

Back in 2019, Sabrina spent some quality time with a Zero SR/F herself. She enjoyed its performance and validated that it is, in fact, a real motorcycle, not some souped-up kid's toy. Yet Sabrina, like many, found the SR/F lacking when it came to riding any kind of distance. She tried, but between the bike's limited range and long recharge times, she did not enjoy the experience. Technology continues to improve, but it's still not at a point where you can just hop on and ride all day like you can on a gasoline-powered bike.

This isn't how Smightification rides, though. His primary use for his SR/F is commuting. He parks it in his garage, sucking the amps, volts, and watts out of the wires overnight to ensure it's at maximum charge when he leaves in the morning. Then he goes straight to work, then straight back home again. He never has to stop at a gas station or find somewhere to top off the battery. Not all of us have the option to charge up at home, but for his short-distance riding style, an electric bike works perfectly.

One big argument against electric motorcycles is how expensive they are to buy. It's true, you're not going to find a 1980 Zero SR/F for sale for $500 on Craigslist the way you can pick up an old Japanese bike any day of the week. They're still too new. Smightification points out, however, that many people think nothing of dropping $50,000 on a nicely equipped pickup truck and use it for commuting, never hauling or towing any cargo like a truck is meant to do. That makes his $16,000 Zero seem like an absolute bargain, especially considering how much fuel a big truck chugs down.

The biggest benefit of the Zero, though, is that it still provides a genuinely sporty riding experience equal to any gas-powered sportbike—probably even better in the torque department. There's no question that Smightification is having way more fun on the road than his co-workers in their trucks and SUVs. Perhaps they don't care, but as bikers, we do care, and electric bikes deliver fun in spades. They still may not be the right choice for the long-distance voyager, but they're already a viable option for commuters like him.

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