2020 may have run roughshod over us all, but there’s good news if you ride. So many motorcyclists and scooterists have been picking up new bikes—especially if they’re at least somewhat off-road capable. Since we’ve been working with that knowledge for several months now, it probably shouldn’t be too much of a surprise that Royal Enfield is boasting of extremely strong Himalayan sales growth in November, 2020. 

A year ago, sales weren’t bad, exactly. However, just one year later, GaadiWaadi reports that Himalayan sales jumped from 793 units sold in November, 2019 to 1,550 sold in the same month in 2020. That’s nearly a 100 percent increase in sales. If you were Royal Enfield, you’d be pretty stoked about that kind of growth, too.  

It’s not difficult at all to understand why that might be the case, either. The Himalayan is a good, affordable machine, and one that can take a beating and keep going. Lightweight, rugged, and the essence of no-frills, it’s a solid choice for many different types of riders. It could be a great first bike, or a totally reasonable addition to your existing roster of bikes. Unless everything you already have is an entry-level adventure bike, the Himalayan could easily bring a new flavor to your collection. 

This little mountaineer hits a nice sweet spot, and it’s easy to see why it’s doing so well for Enfield, given the current state of the world. Are you thinking of getting yourself a Himalayan in the new year? Does another Enfield or a completely different adventure bike have you dreaming about the new riding season instead? Let us know what you’re most looking forward to getting your hands on in the coming year, and what riding has meant to you in dealing with all the new challenges that 2020 brought us.  

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