The Doctor will see you now.

How are you celebrating the holidays? If your answer isn’t “riding around the VR46 Ranch circuit at your good friend Valentino Rossi’s place,” stop what you’re doing and take a look. What’s merrier and jollier than a sleigh ride? A scamper through the dirt on a guided tour of his home track with Vale, of course! 

While most of us will likely never get to experience this circuit for ourselves, Vale narrates each and every step as he makes his way around the course. He tells you what gear to be in, and why, as well as other steps you should take to go through his dirt circuit. It’s all in Italian, so you’ll need to turn on the translated captions if you need directions in a different language. 

Even on a track you might never ride for yourself, it’s cool to get insight into how Vale or other high-level racers think about and approach the choices they’re making. Obviously, it’s not something you can immediately hop on your bike and go try at home, but it might be the kind of thing that works its way into your mind and makes you approach things just a little differently in the future.  

It’s also just a lot of fun to watch, so there’s that to consider, as well. If you’ve ever wanted to see what the VR46 Ranch track is like, here’s your chance. There’s a nice little track map down at the bottom left corner to help orient you as Vale takes you through each and every turn. That’s very handy if you’re unfamiliar with any track, which I’m assuming most of us probably are in this case.  

This video just goes to show that playing in the dirt can totally be as much fun as playing in the snow, if you know how to use it right. It may be a little harder to clean up when you’re done playing in it, but you’re probably less likely to get too cold—so that’s a plus.