As the seasons change in the northern hemisphere, it might be a good time to think about getting dirty. OK, when isn’t a good time to keep the mud on your mind? Maybe not when it’s hidden under layers of ice—but the rest of the time is the best of times, right? Right. 

For 2021, Husqvarna has two new Rockstar Edition enduro bikes to add to its lineup. Like previous Rockstar Editions, they offer some competition-focused upgrades in addition to their Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing graphics. Let’s take a look. 

Both feature black, powder-coated frames, blue CNC-machined triple clamps, and blue chain guides. The pair also each have black seat covers with additional ribs to help you keep your grip where you want it. They also sport front disc protectors, blue Supersprox rear sprockets, and grey ODI grips. Finally, both bikes also come with Michelin Enduro tires fitted as standard. 

Gallery: 2021 Husqvarna TE 300i and FE 350 Rockstar Editions

The 300cc two-stroke that powers the TE 300i Rockstar Edition is both torquey and easy to manage, according to Husqvarna. Fuel injection makes your life easier, since there’s no need to worry about adjusting your jetting. Fuel/oil premixing is another a headache you can leave in the past with this bike. 

Meanwhile, the FE 350 Rockstar Edition splits the difference between a 250 and a 450, offering what Husky claims is 250-like agility with 450-rivalling power (their claims, not ours). If this description is accurate, I mean, who wouldn’t want those two things to be true? It also comes with traction control to help you out in slippery situations.  

Base price on the 2021 TE 300i is $10,899 in the U.S. Pricing information about the 2021 FE 350 Rockstar Edition has not yet been announced. Since pricing and availability vary from area to area, your best bet to find out the most accurate information possible is to contact your local Husky dealer if you’re interested. 

Source: Husqvarna 

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