While we’re waiting for the six new models Kawasaki is launching on November 23, 2020, let's take a look at what Team Green is up to across the pond. The European crew teased a launch for October 12, which prompted us to wonder what was in store—a preview of the November launch or a separate, Euro-specific model.

We now have the answer. Team Green Euro introduced the new higher-spec Versys 1000 S.

Design-wise, considering the 1000 was completely overhauled for 2019, all three Versys variants, including the S, carry over the same design introduced last year.

2021 Kawasaki Versys S European Model
2021 Kawasaki Versys S

As the new mid-range trim level, the Versys 1000 S receives some of the top-end SE’s high-tech features including smartphone connectivity, heated grips, cruise control, Kawasaki Traction Control, cornering auxiliary lights, riding modes, Kawasaki Quick Shifter, and even the company’s self-healing paint.

Like the SE, the S is also available in three versions: Kawasaki Versys S Tourer, Tourer Plus, and Grand Tourer. The Tourer adds a one-key twin pannier system with a combined capacity of 56L (14.79 gallons), and a protective tank pad. The Tourer plus adds a set of LED fog lights to the list while the Grand Tourer also comes with a 47-L top case (12.4 gallons), a universal GPS bracket, and frame sliders.

The biggest difference between the S and the S is the suspension: The S relies on a manual suspension adjustment system rather than an electronic one. In addition to the Kawasaki Electronic Control Suspension (KECS), the 2021 SE also receives the new Showa Skyhook suspension upgrade that we discovered a few weeks ago on the Versys 1000 SE LT+ sold here in the U.S. This new technology makes the bike more stable on bumpy surfaces that

Price-wise, the S sits at roughly €1,900 below the SE at €14,227 (based on the number showcased on Kawasaki Germany’s site).

Watch the full presentation here:

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