When you’re customizing a bike, the entire point of that exercise is to do it exactly how you want. Maybe you only want to do some small modifications that no one but you will see—like tidying up an excruciatingly messy wiring monstrosity that’s slowly driving you insane—instead of doing something strictly superficial, like only changing the paint. You're in charge, so it’s your call to say when the project is complete. 

Suffice to say, builder Pablo Pérez González of D’s Motorcycles (formerly known as Dragon’s Motorcycles) had much bigger plans in mind with his Honda 1500 Super Sport project. Who looks at a Gold Wing—any Gold Wing—and thinks “you know what? That’d make a fantastic café racer!”? González, apparently. Taking a look at how he made his vision come to life is a great reminder that in the right hands, the impossible really is within reach. 

He started with the frame from a 1977 Honda Gold Wing, and then decided to stuff the 1520cc flat six lump out of a Honda Valkyrie inside. Valve covers came from a 50th Anniversary ‘Wing, just to keep it looking polished. Weber carburetors came from a 1968 Porsche 911—you know, as you do.  


The tank came from yet another Honda—this time, a 750 Super Sport. Add in an Öhlins suspension, lots of trick bits from Motogadget, and a plethora of custom fabricated bits (including those brake rotors), and you end up with all the components that make this monster the proud beast it is today. 

González did most of the work himself, although he did enlist some outside help from Senen Leatherworks and Motor Paint to help achieve the high level of finish he wanted, once everything else was in place. The completed project is a study in contradictions that shouldn’t all work together, and yet somehow do. It’s a testament to González’ strict attention to detail and almost superhuman grasp of proportions that this thing seems otherworldly and awe-inspiring, rather than being an exercise in “just because you can, doesn’t mean you should.”  

Sources: YouTube, Return of the Café Racers 

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