Although Honda only just introduced the current version of the CB650R in 2019, some changes are on the way for the 2021 model year. While the American website has no info on the 2021 model yet, information from overseas can give us a good idea of what to expect.

The biggest change is that the engine now complies with Euro 5 emission standards, just like its 500cc cousins. Its overall specifications are the same as the current model, but a redesigned cam profile, different timing, exhaust changes, and a new ECU tune bring it in line with Euro 5 while adding a horsepower, bumping its rating up to 95. It makes sense that Honda would try to keep the engine as close to the same as possible while complying with the tighter regulations. It would make sense that these same engine changes would also apply to the CB650F.

When Sabrina rode the CB650R in 2019, she found it to be a good but "unremarkable" bike. Perhaps its new 41mm Showa Separate Function Big Piston (SFF BP) upside-down forks will help change that. The seven-position adjustable rear shock and the entire braking system remain the same as the current model.

To address complaints that sometimes the dashboard was difficult to read, Honda has given the CB650R a new display with negative backlight to improve readability. Lighting is now full LED, both for better visibility and for reduced power consumption. That power can now charge your phone or other accessories through a new USB-C outlet under the seat.

Other parts of the world have a selection of colors to choose from. Perhaps one or more of them will join Chromosphere Red, the only color the North American CB650R currently comes in. The side panels are slightly different, and the rear mudguard is now made of steel rather than plastic. Let's be honest, though—most of us will remove this and add a tail tidy anyway, regardless of the original construction material.

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