New season, renewed energy—especially if you’re MV Agusta Freestyle Division ace rider Thibaut Nogues. He and his F3 800 are back in their newest video—Pursuit of Happiness. No matter where you’re sitting right now, it’s sure to get your blood pumping like a nice shot of espresso sipped on the patio of a beautiful Venetian café.  

It starts out quietly, with Nogues working in a garage with some classic MVs. Then he gets a WhatsApp message, changes out of his jeans and t-shirt and into a tux, and hops aboard his F3. Soon, he’s drifting it around corners down a French mountainside. He’s a guy who knows how to use the whole road, even stepping that back end out to gently nudge the crumbling curb of one little bridge as he rides over it.  

Who sent the mysterious WhatsApp message that said “Join me” earlier? The sender was simply called MV, but was it a sentient bike—or was it the rider who then starts chasing after him on a Superveloce? I know, it’s probably the Superveloce rider—but I would certainly not be against the idea of a sentient bike urging you to get out and live your best life as a rider, either. Would you? 

We don’t find out who the mystery rider is in this video, as both he and Nogues have full-face helmets with tinted visors on. Only Nogues removes his at the end, when he pulls up to meet a beautiful woman in a red cocktail dress, and they drive off in a Ferrari together while the F3 patiently awaits his return, staring out at the sea.  

Besides channeling 007, the cinematography and editing skills in this video are absolutely top-notch. It might be just over three minutes long, but like all your favorite chase scenes, it’s packed full of action and never outstays its welcome. If you need a little boost, take a few minutes and give it a look. 

Source: YouTube 

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