If you want an electric scooter with an impressive amount of range on a single charge, then French company Red Electric may have just the scoot for you. It’s called the RedE 2Go (no, really), and it comes in three different flavors that vary by both range and top speed. Its most efficient model allegedly offers a whopping 300 kilometers (or just over 186 miles) of range, which is indeed impressive if true. 

Why you’d name your company “Red Electric” while also calling your scoots “RedE 2Go” and yet stick a big, electric blue “E” on the side is a strange design choice—but it’s not a bad-looking scoot. Your three different configurations for this scooter are the E50, E100, or E125, and they vary by having two, three, or four batteries tucked neatly into two different compartments underneath the saddle.  

If range anxiety is your primary concern, the E50 may be your scoot. It offers a claimed 300 kilometers of range, and can do a top speed of 45 kmh (or just under 28 mph). That description could be perfect if you’re planning to do a lot of slow commuting on city streets, and don’t have either a need or desire to go very far. Maximum engine power on this one is 4000 watts. 

Sacrifice a little bit of range for a higher top speed, and you get the E100 configuration. This one can do 220 kilometers (just under 137 miles) before you need to either bring your batteries inside or else plug the whole scooter in to charge. Top speed is 80 kmh, or just under 50 mph, which could be a fair tradeoff depending on your situation. Maximum engine power is 6000 watts. 

RedE 2Go Electric Scooter Left Side
RedE 2Go Electric Scooter Right Side

Your third option from Red Electric is the E125, which gets a range of 200 kilometers, or 124 miles on a single charge. Top speed on this one is 120 kmh, or 74.5 mph—the fastest one yet. Maximum engine power is 11000 watts. 

Other features include a 7-inch smart dashboard with an IP 67 waterproof rating, along with backlighting and built-in GPS navigation. This scoot is also keyless, and relies you pairing it with a smartphone app to automatically turn it on and off when you want to ride or park it. The app also provides live information on the health of all your vehicle systems, which Red Electric says can instantly let you know if something is amiss.  

There’s also a built-in security system, which locks the wheels and blocks all access to systems so would-be thieves can’t use your scoot. Should the anti-theft measures fail, RedE says it can use geolocation to help find the missing scooter. If you’re looking for one more technological bell and/or whistle to help you make up your mind about this little trio of scoots, RedE says they’ll also automatically call emergency services in the event of a crash.  

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As for charging, you have a choice: either use the HSC ultra-fast charger to charge up your batteries off the bike, or else plug your scoot into a standard wall socket for two hours and 30 minutes. That amount of time seems rather ideal for anyone commuting between home and work or home and school. The HSC charger will also work with the smartphone app so you can schedule your recharging sessions at off-peak hours to save money.  

This trio of scoots will be available in five colors: black, dark gray, light gray, blue, and red. Red Electric is taking pre-orders now, with the Red E50 and E100 due out in October, 2020, and the Red E125 currently scheduled to follow in December, 2020 at the time of writing. Pricing starts at €3490, or around $4,137, and availability looks to only be in France at the moment. 

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