Ride hard, stay cool.

When you’re riding off-road, you want clothing that’s going to be comfortable and protective in specific ways. Street-focused gear is often too bulky, heavy, and restrictive for off-road riding, so even if you do both types, you’ll likely want different gear depending on what type of riding you’re doing. Now, the fact that this is a Husqvarna Motorcycles Factory Replica clothing line is, of course, meant to sell you on these specific items—but there’s more to these pieces than just their looks.  

It’s made for Husky by SHOT, the French clothing company that also makes the gear worn by the current Rockstar Energy Husqvarna Factory Racing enduro team. Choose from a shirt, pants, and/or gloves, all made with maximum rider comfort and protection in mind. Staying cool, dry, and protected if you slide is key—and that’s what this collection is all about. 

Ventilation is key if you’re riding off-road, as well as a good amount of moisture-wicking to keep riders comfortable. The Factory Replica shirt is made of several panels of lightweight, breathable material, including integration of several mesh panels to keep you cool even on the hottest days.  

2020 Husqvarna Factory Replica Shirt Studio
2020 Husqvarna Factory Replica Pants Front Studio

Meanwhile, the Factory Replica pants also offer great ventilation and mesh panels, as well as knee and shin areas with flexible, elasticated panels to easily accommodate knee braces. They also come with leather knee reinforcements that are both heatproof and abrasion-resistant to keep you protected. Finally, Factory Replica gloves are lightweight, feature microfiber backs and perforated palms to keep your grip cool and dry while you’re controlling your bike.  

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Husky says all three pieces should be available from your local authorized Husqvarna dealer now, no matter where you are in the world. Pricing may vary in different markets, so check with your Husky dealer to answer any and all questions you might have.  

Source: Husqvarna 

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