In 2019, BMW introduced a new generation of its flagship sportbike. The new S 1000 RR gained horsepower (205 horsepower total) and shed 24 pounds, weighing in at a svelte 434-pound fighting weight. While we were impressed by the Bavarian brand’s efforts, that didn’t stop it from finding a way to further improve the revamped superbike. In March 2020, Beemer dropped M Performance packages for the S 1000 RR with lighter, more refined components, and of course, carbon fiber. 

Five months later, the carbon fiber wheelset is now available to the public and ready to take your riding to the next level. BMW Motorrad reserves the use of the lightweight yet durable material for specific applications. Ensuring the motorcycle wheel's integrity is mission-critical and achieving the maximum strength with the minimum weight provides both safety and performance benefits.

BMW S 1000 RR M Performance
Suited and booted in M Performance.

Using high-pressured furnaces to produce the wheels, BMW implemented the utmost care of the aerospace-developed material with its complex manufacturing process. The brand shows off its hard work with a high-gloss clear coat that heightens the shimmering carbon fiber effect. That fastidious approach also results in a 3.7-pound weight loss compared to stock aluminum wheels, which were already reduced by 3.5 pounds for the 2021 model year.

Though 3.7 pounds may sound like nominal weight-savings, the reduced rotational mass not only enhances acceleration and deceleration but also improves handling and suspension response. While the carbon wheelset saves weight, it doesn’t sacrifice safety and convenience with 5mm-thick brake discs, sensor rings, wheel bearings, and tire pressure control valves included in the set. The top-spec S 1000 RR wheelset is available now at BMW dealers or online with the ‘build your own’ option on the company’s website.

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