Motorcycle manufacturers around the globe have been feeling the 2020 pinch since the pandemic came to town. Which town? All the towns, and that’s the problem. Still, if you’re Royal Enfield, who could blame you for wanting to focus on one bright spot instead of drowning yourself in negativity? The Interceptor 650 was the UK’s top-selling motorcycle for June, 2020. Sure, it’s pandemic times, but we’ll take what good news we can get, eh? 

The majority of Indian moto manufacturer Royal Enfield’s sales are domestic, with exports only accounting for a comparatively small amount. That's true even during times when a serious virus isn’t plaguing the entire human race. With that in mind, overall Royal Enfield sales for June, 2020 were down by 26 percent year-on-year. The company sold just 40,344 total bikes worldwide for the month, compared to 54,185 bikes for the same period in 2019.  

That’s not the whole story, though. Like other OEMs, Royal Enfield is in the midst of picking itself back up after grinding to an unexpected halt as countries around the globe shut down earlier in the year. Taking that into account, the company is slowly moving in the right direction.

Total global sales for May, 2020 were just 19,113 bikes. However, in June, 2020, the company rebounded to sell 38,065 bikes. In that context, July numbers represent comparatively modest growth. Still, that’s still definitely better than backsliding to negative numbers.  

Whether Enfield will continue to maintain this forward momentum in terms of sales numbers remains to be seen. Overall sales for the same fiscal period ending in July are down by 59 percent this year, according to the Economic Times. For 2020, the company moved 97,601 bikes in total, as compared to the 237,894 bikes it had sold by the end of July 2019. Getting back into positive sales territory is one step, but the only way any OEM keeps moving forward is by steadily putting one foot in front of the other and taking many steps. 

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