MotoGP fans in the U.S. are heartbroken that we won’t have a 2020 race here this year, and that’s not likely to change any time soon. Still, we and all other MotoGP fans around the world can tide ourselves over with Dovi’s Great American Motocross Adventure, a new short video that Red Bull put on YouTube.  

Shot in 2019, the video shows some behind-the-scenes footage of Andrea Dovizioso and a few friends hitting California early for some motocross action, ahead of the 2019 Red Bull Grand Prix of the Americas. Dovi might be a professional racer, but every professional racer is also just a rider who loves being on bikes. This is, of course, a carefully curated glimpse into what a professional racer does in his ‘free’ time, but to some extent, isn’t everything that anyone shares on social media?  

In any case, seeing how relaxed everyone in the truck looks as they load up bikes e a r l y in the morning to get that dirt tracking underway is its own kind of soul-satisfying refreshment. It’s a good reminder that even those of us who aren’t professional racers need to take those little bits of respite and genuine joy where and when we can, no matter what kind of pressures life is pressing down on us. To many of us, bikes are joy, and we wouldn’t be here if they weren’t. Sometimes, it really is that simple.  

My favorite part, though, is when Dovi and friends hit a motorcycle dealer on the way to the track, to pick up some new gear. The part where Andrea Dovizioso tells his friend exactly what he thinks of a certain pair of moto pants the friend is trying on—all I can say is, I couldn’t stop laughing, and also, I want a whole series of Dovi gear reviews. Would you not watch the heck out of that? Somebody looking for content creation ideas for Alpinestars and/or Red Bull, please make this happen. 

Source: YouTube 

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