New day, new Very Serious™ question for you: Do you, in fact, even lift? I ask because this electric-converted Suzuki Hayabusa most definitely does. Now, admittedly, its electric motor was significantly tweaked by the Danish racing team that installed it, but it quite literally came out of a forklift. 

YouTube channel Snooken Recordings uses its platform to broadcast all things fast, and captured footage of this ‘Busa in its natural habitat, hanging out at the local drag strip. What’s the quarter-mile time, you ask? Currently, it’s a very fast, very quiet 9.3 seconds, and it’s able to race other bikes in the 200V class. Smoky burnouts are still very much a thing, but all you hear is a high-pitched whine as that burnt rubber smell wafts its way through the air.  

Weight on this golden rocket is actually down; the owner claims it’s just 164 kilograms now, or just over 361.5 pounds. By contrast, he says, a standard piston-powered ‘Busa weighs around 266 kg, or just over 586 pounds. That’s a weight savings of just over 225 pounds, you guys! Oh, and the team also stretched that wheelbase by about 10 inches, as is common practice for a hardworking drag ‘Busa. Gotta keep those wheelies under control! 

Since that clearly isn’t enough, and more is more, this absolute beast makes about 200 horsepower, as well. The motor started life as a 48V 1200-amp unit before the team converted it to handle a whole lot more voltage, current, and RPMs. That 200 horsepower is only good for about 4 to 6 seconds, but that’s plenty when your mission in life is drag racing.  

This bike was built back when electric bikes could compete against piston bikes on the drag racing circuit in Denmark, but the rules changed around the time it was competed. The team says it’s been building and racing electric bikes for the past 10 years, so it decided to take this unit and go for world record-breaking instead. Did they shout ‘plot twist!’ before modifying their goals? Only they know for sure, but we’re glad they’re out there living their best lives, and that someone is recording it for our enjoyment. 

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