Are you shopping for a new BS6-compliant, 125cc scooter? If you are, then Piaggio just launched three new models in its Vespa and Aprilia lines in India that may suit your fancy. All three scoots use the same 124.45cc single-cylinder, air-cooled engine that produces 9.7 bhp at 7,500 rpm and 9.6 Nm (or 7.15 ft.-lbs) of peak torque at 5,500 rpm. Stylistically, they’re quite different from one another, so let’s take a look at each separately. 

The Aprilia Storm is the most strictly modern-looking of the bunch, and seemingly not at all interested in the classic styling cues of the Vespa brand. It comes in two colors, yellow and red, and features 12-inch wheels, updated graphics, LED headlamp, telescopic forks up front and a monoshock at the rear. The headlight and beak definitely gives the Storm 125 a look as though it’s yelling, and maybe it is.  

Meanwhile, the Vespa VXL and SXL 125s both offer a slightly different take on Vespa’s classicist ethos. The 125s get Vespa’s Combined Braking System (CBS), while the 150 versions go all in on ABS. Although the end results are different, updates to both the BS6-compliant VXL and SXL come in the same areas for both models.  

Gallery: Vespa VXL 125 BS6

Updated V-shaped front grilles adorn both, with the VXL gaining the addition of chrome, with the SXL stays body-colored. Each also gets a new seat, with the VXL featuring a little chrome grab rail at the back, and the SXL having a slight seam in the cover that bisects the middle, along with contrasting piping around the rear half of the saddle.

Gallery: Vespa SXL 125 BS6

The VXL gets satin-finish silver alloy wheels, while the SXL gets 5-spoke black alloy wheels. Each of the two gets a slightly different digital console to suit the style of each bike. Both get cute little removable visors to offer both a different style and a little wind protection. The VXL gets a new round LED headlamp, while the SXL gets a new square LED headlamp. 

Gallery: Aprilia Storm 125 BS6

Color-wise, the SXL gets fewer options than the VXL, but the SXL does come in more matte colors than the VXL, if that’s any consolation. You can get an SXL in your choice of matte black, matte red dragon, orange, matte blue, or white. Meanwhile, the VXL comes in matte black, yellow, vibrant red, azzuro provenza, vibrant pink, white, or maze grey.  

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