In the Fall of 2019, the world of adventure riding started buzzing: famous “Long Way” travelers and were back on the road. After a first trip around the world and a second one from Scotland to South Africa, this time, the duo tackled the Americas. 

Between September and December, the crew traveled from Argentina’s southernmost tip all the way up to Los Angeles, California in an (almost) all electric adventure. This time, McGregor and Boorman traded their GS for a pair of Harley-Davidson LiveWire while part of the team followed along in Rivian R1T electric pickup trucks. Since the adventure ended in mid-December, we’ve been waiting for an air date to be announced and for British broadcaster BBC to pick up where it left off after “Round” and “Down”. It looks like we’ll have to turn to Apple’s streaming service to check out our favorite duo’s latest adventure.  

Streaming services are turning into a new generation of cable TV except for the fact that you have to pay for different subscriptions to have access to all the shows you’re interested in. Sigh.  

Apple took its share of the cake with the launch of Apple TV+ last year (not to be confused with the Apple TV media player box). Like other platforms such as Amazon Prime and Disney+, Apple not only produces its own content but it also gets to call dibs on some or all of the content of certain channels. According to Variety, Apple recently bought the rights to several shows including a Fraggle Rock revival, Prehistoric Planet, and... the Long Way Up

In addition to those more “corporate” rumors, Apple TV+ user and YouTuber Be Gone For Good managed to capture a glimpse of the upcoming show’s teaser mixed in with other new shows coming to the streaming service: 


Apple has yet to announced a release date for the documentary but at least we now know it’s officially coming. Considering a short clip from the series is part of a “coming to Apple” teaser, we can suppose it will be here sooner rather than later.

Whew. It’s nice to get an update, we were starting to worry about what they were up to. We have a feeling Apple TV+ will get a surge of subscriptions for a few weeks once it goes live. 

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