Do you remember the first time you rode on a motorcycle? Do you remember your first road trip? How about the first time you fell off a bike? Or the first time your bike broke down and you had to figure out how to get it going again? These are all big and small milestones riders will usually set over the course of their riding career. They rarely all occur in the same week, however.  

Unless you’re the Monkey Bike Mafia. 

Meet Georgia “George” Maguire and Molly “Mo” Beucher—a.k.a. the Monkey Bike Mafia. The duo decided to travel 500 miles through Morocco and the Sahara Desert for seven days on a pair of Honda Z50s and document their adventure in a seven-episode YouTube mini-series. The catch? Neither of them had any experience riding on a bike before, let alone travel on one. The series should have been entitled “Chronicles of how things simultaneously went wrong and right” because that's pretty much how we would summarize the series.  

The two noobs got to set all the milestones listed above and many more in the span of only a few days. From breakdowns, to falls, to dirt riding, to getting stuck in weird places—they learned about the reality of motorcycle traveling the (very) hard way. You would think it was a terrible idea but is it really that terrible if they ultimately made it to their final destination unscathed?  

Despite the rollercoaster of emotions, not all things go badly for the dynamic duo. To be fair, they didn't show up in Africa ready to rock without any form of preparation. Both ladies took motorcycle lessons prior to the trip. Once in Morocco, they called upon an expert to help them map out their route. Their choice of ride was also perfect for their level of experience. The Monkeys are really simple, straightforward bikes to work on which means they had no issue finding someone to working things out everytime one of the Zs broke down.  

The silly adventure happened back in 2018 (in case you were wondering how they managed to get any traveling done during a pandemic) however, the mini-series was only recently added to YouTube for us to enjoy. And enjoyed it we did. Each episode is an easy-to-watch two to three minutes so next time you have 15 minutes to spare, we highly recommend you check them out.

The ladies say they have more adventures coming and we look forward to discovering George and Mo’s next silly idea.  

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