Many factory so-called "scramblers" are little more than standard models with a high-mount exhaust and dual-sport tires. Ducati has proven that its Scrambler, and its Desert Sled version, in particular, are the real deal with a Hooligan class win at this year's Mint 400.

This short film focuses on Fasthouse riders Ricky Diaz and Jordan Graham as they prepare for and run the race. It's quite different than most racing films that feature the race, the lap times, and the competition itself. This one shows us the guys and their experiences, from enthusiastically accepting Ducati's invitation to ride for them to Graham's victory celebration, and everything in between.

We get to see aspects of the race effort we often don't get to see, such as Diaz and Graham preparing and testing the bikes, checking in, going through tech inspection. The start is always impressive, and so is the controlled chaos of pit stops. Sure, there are lots of great aerial shots of them tearing through the desert, too, because that always looks cool. Although Diaz didn't finish the race after breaking his shifter off, he's still featured prominently throughout the film. The team even saved a couple of beers for him when he got back.

This film manages to be a professional, polished production while still making it look like just a movie about a couple of guys going desert racing one weekend. That's probably the point, to help you feel like you're in their shoes, and by extension imply that you can do what they do on a Ducati Scrambler. Most of us don't have the racing chops that these guys do to make that a reality, but it's fun to dream and pretend as we rip down our local dirt roads. 


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