On June 17, 2020, Ducati announced that the very first Superleggera V4 rolled out of the Borgo Panigale factory, confirming that the prestigious model's production is officially a go. Ducati CEO Claudio Domenicali confirmed back in May that despite the lockdown, the team was on target to meet its initial production timeline.   

Sure enough, after only a month, here we have it: the Superleggera number 1 of 500, ready to wow and roll. Along with the celebratory press release, Ducati also released a video that shows the assembly process of this first premium V4—by hand, if you please. The poetic clip is an homage to this new chapter Superleggera chapter and to the team’s delicate and precise work. 

Only 500 Superleggeras V4 will be produced—which gives Ducati all the freedom required to assemble everything by hand and make sure every unit is as spectacular as advertised. With a $100,000 price tag, I wouldn’t expect anything less.   

Though that’s roughly the equivalent of half a mortgage for most of us plebeians, Ducati made sure that buyers got their money’s worth, all $100k of it. The bike is clad in carbon fiber (fairing, wheels, swingarm), comes with a fully-loaded racing kit, and features the firm’s now-famous V4 engine, tuned to produce 234 horsepower. In addition to owning a pretty unique and expensive bike, owners are also treated to all sorts of small attentions.   

Ducati Superleggera V4 001/500 In Factory

In the press release that accompanied the video, Ducati said that the owner of unit numero uno was invited to pick up their bike from the factory and received the keys from Domenicali himself. All the other buyers will receive their Superleggera at home, delivered in a wood crate. We hope it comes with a big red bow too. Everyone also receives a scale model of their bike to show off in their living room, in case they can’t make the actual bike fit.   

The firm adds that buyers are offered the opportunity to buy a set of matching airbag leathers and carbon helmet for the full high-end, performance look. 30 of the 500 owners can also buy into the MotoGP Experience and ride the manufacturer’s competition bike on the track.  

They say money doesn’t buy happiness but it can buy you a pretty rad life experiences, like owning a Superleggera and hitting the track on a race-ready Desmosedici.   

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