On Monday, June 15, 2020, we celebrate the 29th edition of the Ride to Work Day event, a yearly initiative organized by the eponymous non-profit organization that promotes commuting on two wheels.   

For those among us who never stopped going to work during the pandemic or who recently got the go-ahead to head back in the office, today is the day to gear up and jump in the saddle to get to work. For the others who still get to set up shop on the kitchen table and work from home, pretending to commute is a great excuse to get dressed and go for a ride.   

The event is the Ride to Work organization’s yearly opportunity to spread the gospel, rally more people to its cause, and remind everyone of all the benefits of commuting on a motorcycle or a scooter. It also uses the event as a platform to raise car drivers’ awareness and hopefully increase their tolerance for motorcyclists.   

According to the organizers, commuting on two wheels not only helps reduce the volume of traffic (motorcycles don’t take up as much space as cars on the roads and in parking lots) but it also produces fewer emissions and allows the commuters to get to work faster. Simply put, bikes and scooters are “an economical, efficient and socially responsible form of mobility that saves energy, helps the environment, and provides a broad range of other public benefits”.   


“Many people do not always appreciate the societally positive value of transportational riding, and some don’t know there are also a few hidden deleterious ramifications from having almost everyone default to private autos. Cars are wonderful machines, and we love them, but the reasons to ride, when one can go beyond stuff like energy or carbon footprints,” commented Ride to Work founder Andy Goldfine.   

The bottom line is that riding is not only pretty awesome, it’s also good for you and for society. To your helmets, folks! It’s time to go for a ride and show the world just how truly amazing our passion is. What will be your excuse to hit the road today? 

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