You love the Honda CT125, we love the Honda CT125, everyone loves the Honda CT125. It’s one of the most highly anticipated models of the year, and for the past few months, we’ve had our fingers crossed that Honda will send it over to the U.S. Granted, the new Fireblade looks pretty badass but admit it: nothing really compares to the compact versatility of the Hunter Cub.  

While we wait for Honda to confirm whether the adventure Cub will come to the New World, other countries are getting their own launch. After Japan, Thailand is next on the market expansion list and Honda Thailand gives us a peek at the CT in off-road action. If you didn’t want the mini bike to come to North America really badly already, now you definitely will.

Just like its CT ancestors, the new Hunter Cub is designed to get off the beaten paths and that’s what the trailer is meant to showcase: the road doesn’t have to end where the asphalt does. As such, the video shows how comfortable the CT is in the woods, in gravel, on the beach, and even on a rocky trail, while highlighting the features that make it so versatile.  

From the skidplate and high-set exhaust to the long-travel suspension and luggage rack, the Cub is ready for adventure and it seems like there’s virtually nowhere it won’t go. If it won’t by conventional means, at only 265 pounds, you can also easily push it there. The 1.43-gallon tank is tiny by motorcycle standards but that plenty for the Cub that only needs a tiny sip to keep going.  

Considering the Super Cub is offered here, we have high hopes that the Hunter Cub will follow and that the model won’t remain confined to the boundaries of the Eurasian continent. We only have to be patient; with a bit of luck we’ll get an announcement before the end of the year.  

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