While the world has definitely changed in 2020, some things remain comfortingly the same. If all you want to do is get outside and go somewhere far, far away right now, Beta is here to help you with its 2021 RR two-stroke off-road lineup. You want social distancing? Go explore some dirt roads on one of these rough and tough little beauties! 

For 2021, you have four displacement options to choose from: the 125 RR, the 200 RR, the 250 RR, and last but certainly not least, the 300 RR. For convenience, Beta has these split into two basic platforms: the 125 and 200, and the 250 and 300.  

The two smaller RRs feature oil injection, an electric starter, and an adjustable power valve. Meanwhile, the two bigger RRs also have counterbalancers to help keep you riding longer with less fatigue. All the RRs come with Nissin brakes and Arrow exhausts. Small updates from 2020 across the line include an updated subframe, seat, and quick-change air filter.  

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If you want one of these updated 2021 RRs, you’ll still have to wait a little while. Unfortunately, they won’t hit Beta dealers until July 2020. Still, if you need a little more time to save money up to get your hands on the one you really want, that extra month might help.  

Prices for the 2021 RRs are as follows: 

  • 2021 Beta 125 RR: $7,999 
  • 2021 Beta 200 RR: $8,699 
  • 2021 Beta 250 RR: $8,799 
  • 2021 Beta 300 RR: $9,199 

You may already have noticed that the pricing remains the same as for 2020 MY RRs, and you’d be right about that. Beta is among the list of moto manufacturers that are currently offering direct home delivery for customers purchasing new motorcycles during the coronavirus pandemic. It’s unclear whether this will still be the case when the 2021 bikes hit dealers in July, so you should ask your local dealer if you have any questions. 

Source: Beta Motors, Instagram 

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