Aprilia introduced a new twin-cylinder-powered concept at EICMA 2018: the RS 660 Concept. The prototype used a 660cc variant of the RSV4 1100 engine—half of the V4 if you will. It didn’t take long for rumors about the concept heading to production to surface after spy shots of a test mule were leaked, only a month following the concept's debut. Sure enough, the following year, Aprilia unveiled the production-ready RS 660.   

The firm also introduced a second concept based on the 660 mill—this time, the Tuono got the mid-size treatment with the Tuono 660 Concept. While Aprilia has yet to confirm that the concept will follow in the RS’ steps and hit production, it’s easy to put two and two together. While we wait for Aprilia to tell us what we already know, here’s a look at everything we know about the Tuono 660.   

Aprilia’s V4 engine currently powers two models: the RS and the Tuono. It would only make sense for its mini-me to follow the same pattern, no? The signs point to that anyway with the launch of the RS 660 and the Tuono 660 “Concept”. To be fair, that concept is only two mirrors and four turn signals away from being road-legal.   

The Tuono 660 is a semi-faired, detuned version of the RS. While the model is expected to use the same lightweight twin-spar aluminum frame as the RS, it features a taller handlebar, a pillion seat, and passenger footpegs which result in a more commuter-friendly bike. The 41mm Kayaba inverted fork and adjustable shock, as well as the Brembo brake hardware, are also expected to carry over unchanged.   

Gallery: Aprilia Tuono 660 Concept EICMA 2019

We know that the RS 660 weighs 372 pounds dry, but we don’t know for sure how the Tuono will compareThe RS is more track-oriented so there’s a chance it could be lighter than the Tuono to make it more performance-focused. Because the Tuono is a “stripped-down” version of the RS, there’s also a chance it might lighter. That’s one specification we have yet to determine.   

As for the engine, the Tuono will use a detuned version of the 270-degree crankshaft, 660cc, parallel twin. It will produce 95 horsepower instead of 100 like in the RS and there’s even talk of a 45-horsepower iteration to make it beginner-friendly for Europe.   

Aprilia loaded the RS with a slew of technological features usually found in higher-end bikes such as cornering ABS, traction control, riding modes, quick shifter, engine braking, and wheelie control. The package is expected to be offered on the Tuono 660.   

We can expect the confirmation that the Aprilia Tuono 660 will hit production toward the end of the year, likely at EICMA 2020.   

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