The Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric motorcycle is a revolutionary product. For that reason, people have many questions about the bike. Is it weird to ride without loud pipes? Is it fun? How far can it go on a battery charge—what about, say, a 110-mile road trip? 

The guys at Bikes and Beards grabbed a LiveWire to give you the answer to all those questions, and more. As a sign of the times, they kinda-sorta bought this bike online (technically, borrowed from a dealer, but the video explains how you can shop for the new bike from home, thanks to COVID-19). 

More importantly, it explains a lot of the other day-to-day stuff. How do you charge the bike? Where can you plug it in? What do all those menus and switches do? What does it sound like? Where’s the motor? How far can you go, before having to recharge? 

It’s not quite up there with the Wright brothers’ first flight or Neil Armstrong on the moon, but eking a 110-mile trip out of the bike, plus tacking on a few more miles at the end, is an impressive feat. The idea that you could do a long trip and have it “work out great,” well, see Sabrina’s experience on a Zero for an idea of how electric motorcycle touring works out in real life. 

The important conclusion: Sean figures that Harley-Davidson undersold their bike. For this test, it had more battery range than expected, and a higher top speed than expectedRunning the numbers, the bike’s $30k price tag also looks much more palatable. 

There’s no doubt electric motorcycles will play a major part in the future of two-wheeled transport. Although we’re still years away from wide spread adoption, this video will give you a good idea of what’s coming. It’s not what we’re used to, but it looks like battery bikes should still be plenty of fun. 

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