Bombay Custom Works likes its ADVs like it likes its eggs: scrambled.

If retro style on a modern bike is your thing, there’s no denying that a factory-fresh Jawa Forty Two ticks a certain batch of design boxes. Like a lot of more stripped-down, essential bikes, Jawa sells it as a sort of blank slate for customizing. Owners are encouraged to accessorize with aplomb to make it their own, and have been ever since the bike was launched. 

Mumbai-based bike customizer Bombay Custom Works created this Jawa Forty Two custom called “Heart of Gold” as a design exercise for a new contest Jawa is running. Meant to showcase just how easily you can change the character of this bike with only a few minor tweaks, the Heart of Gold is a little more adventurous and slightly more scrambler-oriented in its looks than the stock Forty Two.  

Bombay Custom Works chopped the rear fender, and raised both it and the front fender a bit higher than their stock positions. The saddle went from a dual unit to a solo one, and brackets for panniers make it easy to pack up and go anywhere you like. The two-into-one exhaust gives the Heart of Gold a more aggressive look, like it’s ready to ride into action. 

Gallery: Bombay Custom Works Heart Of Gold Jawa Forty Two

Mind you, BCS didn’t alter the engine or suspension in any way, so it’s only as scramble- or adventure-ready as a stock Forty Two. Still, since the goal was to show how minimal customization can totally change the character of the stock bike, it succeeds at that job.  


As I mentioned, Jawa is hosting a new contest it’s calling “Jawa Kommuniti Kustoms.” It’s meant for all Jawa fans, and you only need sketches or 3D renders of your design to enter. To enter, you need to follow Jawa on all its social media channels, and then share your drawings while tagging Jawa and using the #JawaKommunitiKustoms tag. The contest runs through Sunday, May 3, 2020.  

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