Pretty much no one in the world would say these last few months haven’t been rough, as the entire globe deals with our ongoing pandemic. It’s important to remember that some people are doing their best to help, though, and it’s one positive thing during this otherwise bleak time. Take Hero Motor Corp., for example. India’s largest motorcycle manufacturer has been busy donating 15,000 meals per day to hungry citizens in need across the country. 

Now the company is also donating 60 Hero Xtreme 200R motorcycles to local authorities. They’re not just any Hero Xtreme 200Rs, though. These are special mobile ambulance motorcycles, designed to access extremely rural and remote locations where it’s hard to get a traditional car- or truck-based ambulance. This should give those residents improved access to emergency care when they need it most. 

What’s so special about these ambulance bikes? As you’d expect, they come equipped with a siren and flashing lights, as well as a radio for communicating with other emergency services on the road. They’re also outfitted with a first aid kit. Additionally, they come with a full stretcher mounted to the side, kind of like a fully-reclined sidecar. That way, emergency riders can transport a patient in need of further medical care to the nearest hospital as quickly as possible.  

Each unit also comes with a fire extinguisher and an oxygen tank, as well as a bright LED light that can be aimed to administer emergency first aid, even in badly lit areas. These seem like useful bikes for rural communities to have in general, not just during this global pandemic. It seems like they’ll likely be very helpful in the years to come, as well.  

It’s unclear whether Hero MotoCorp intends to deploy additional ambulance bikes around the country. Perhaps if these are well-received, another round of bikes like these will be in order. With their 200cc engines, they have plenty of power to take a patient to their nearest medical facility for treatment.  

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