Browsing the classifieds can be an exciting, oftentimes, knee-jerk reaction inducing experience. Finding a 1000cc sportbike for under $5,000 is really easy to do, especially if you’re looking at older models from the early 2000s. Conversely, new, slightly used bikes come at a significant discount as opposed to their brand new counterparts. 

However, buying your first bike isn’t about getting the most powerful, or technologically advanced motorcycle you can afford. Some say, you should never get your dream bike as your first bike—that is, of course if your dream bike is a powerful sportbike, or torque monster naked bike.

Perhaps, when scouting the classifieds for you first motorcycle, have something more beginner friendly in mind, so you can develop your skills and learn how to be an all around good rider. The best bikes in the world can only unleash their true potential under the command of truly skilled riders. For a list of decent beginner bikes, check out our article on the top 10 lightweight bikes that are easy to start on. 

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