Logo trademark filings are, sadly, not quite as exciting as new bike technology patents. Still, if this design is anything to go by, it seems like Harley-Davidson isn’t planning to stop its electric expansion any time soon. Sure, the LiveWire launch wasn’t as great as the company hoped. The jury’s still out on these electric scooter designs, too. This electric flat-tracker concept looks really good, though. 

In a EUIPO trademark filing dated March 3, 2020, the Motor Company took a steel washer and a lightning bolt and added what looks like a newly electrified Harley-Davidson logo to its label making arsenal. With just this filing and no accompanying context, it’s unclear what Harley’s plans are for where it wants to use this logo going forward. Motorcycle.com noted another potential electric logo filing at the same time, which we so far haven’t been able to locate. 

It’s a good reminder that life continues even after major management shakeups. Clearly, all the processes that led to this filing must have been going on behind the scenes for some time prior to that shift. As the company transitions and works to find a more productive path, some processes in place from before will inevitably continue, while others change. 

We don’t yet know which category this development falls into, but because all this logo does is suggest electricity, it’s pretty easy to use for whatever electric vehicles Harley chooses to slap it on. For example, if it finds an untapped electric unicycle market, there’s no reason this can’t be how it rolls out into the world.

Just kidding, that’s a terrible idea, but you get what I’m saying. What kinds of electric motorcycle designs would you like to see come from Harley-Davidson going forward? Even if its awakening is coming kind of late, it’s clear that the company is at least beginning to see that it needs to adapt in order to attract new customers. What do you think that looks like? 

Sources: EUIPO, Motorcycle.com

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