Registration is open for the annual Geico Motorcycle Adventure Rally & Camp. This year's event will take place on November 12-15, 2020, based out of the Stagecoach Trails Resort in Julian, CA.

During the daytime, the rally is essentially an ADV scavenger hunt. Participants get a map with nearly 100 points of interest within a 100-mile radius of base camp. Each point of interest has a point value based on how easy or difficult it is to get to. High point value locations may require a difficult off-road ride to get to, or may simply be a long road ride away. Teams of riders decide on a plan for each day of the rally to hit as many or few of these targets as they wish, as difficult or as easy as they feel like riding. The idea is to collect as many points as possible. Solo riders will join an existing team, both for camaraderie as well as for safety during long days of challenging riding.

Are you new to the dual-sport world, like me? Consider signing up for the Adventure Bros. Skills Class, a three-hour tour that will help you learn and practice the skills you need for off-road riding, both during the rally and afterward.

By night, riders hang out at base camp, socializing with other riders as well as the staff of Cycle WorldMotorcyclist, and Dirt Rider magazines, often around a campfire, and usually with some frosty libations. Numerous lodging options are available, from tents to RVs to cabins. There is also a food package available.

Riders of all skill levels are welcome, as well as any street-legal off-road capable motorcycles. Registration is open at

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