European brands are performing very well on the market at the moment if the encouraging financial results posted by BMW, Ducati, and more recently, Energica are any indication. Whether their strategies rely on local and global growth, network expansion, motorsport exposure, exciting new products, or all of the above, whatever they are doing, it’s working. Piaggio gets to add its name on the list of manufacturers who ended 2019 in the green.

The Italian group finally shared its sales numbers for the last year and the results are encouraging. Across all its brands, Piaggio has sold 611,300 vehicles—399,600 of which are two-wheel models—versus 603,600 in 2018 and has increased its revenue by 9.5 percent. 

The company explains in the press release that sales have notably improved on the Asian-Pacific market with a 14.5-percent increase in sales volume. In India, on the other, things have apparently slowed down a little though no figures are attached to the statement. 

Sales in the scooter segment have increased by 8.1 percent, lead by the Piaggio MP3, Liberty, and of course, the Vespas. On the motorcycle front, the sales increase by close to 25 percent, notably thanks to Moto Guzzi whose sales are lead by the V85 TT. Things went equally well for Aprilia with positive sales numbers, propelled by sales of the SX 125, RSV4 1000, and the Shiver. 

In North America, the group continues to dominate the sales in the scooter segment with 23.7 percent of the market and is now looking to expand the reach of its motorcycle lineup. The brand is already looking forward to 2020 and hopes the introduction of such models as the Aprilia RS 660, Moto Guzzi V85 TT Travel, and Piaggio Medley will further increase its share of the market. 

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