There is no end to Millenials’ nostalgia and Hollywood knows it. The never-ending bandwagon of 20-30-year-old movies and TV show revivals is mind-boggling. How many more Terminator, Fast & Furious, live-action Disney classics, and Ghostbusters do we really need? Let me tell you what we apparently need more of: red pills. Whether you like it or not, there’s a Matrix 4 in the making and like in any self-respecting action flick involving Carrie-Anne Moss and Keanu Reeves, there has to be some motorcycle riding involved. 

Trinity on a Ducati 996, clad in black leather and latex with the Keymaker holding on to her for dear life is one of the most famous motorcycle chases in recent Hollywood history. It looks like the one Wachowski sister behind the sequel is planning to put Trinity back in the saddle for the fourth installment. This time, her pillion passenger is none other than Neo, wearing his signature black trench coat. 

For the occasion, the franchise seemingly rekindles its partnership with Ducati. Pictures snapped of the San Francisco movie set show Moss and Reeves in the saddle of a modified Ducati Scrambler—an interesting choice of ride considering the character’s storyline. 


Then again, looking at how “casual” Trinity looks compared to the usual tight-fitting, butt-kicking outfits we usually see her in, the Scrambler seems to be a perfect match. The bike has been modified, but I would recognize that gas tank design and those exhaust pipes anywhere!

Considering 15 years ago Ducati released a special Matrix edition 998, maybe that silver and bronze version of the Scrambler will make its way to the showrooms in 2021 to celebrate the movie’s release. Who knows. Ducati sure loves its Scrambler and has no shortage of “special versions” ideas for it. 

Now the real question is how Trinity and Neo go from dead to undead? We’ll have to wait another year to find out as the movie is set to launch in May 2021. 

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