Are you who Ducati's looking for?

How much do you love Ducati? If you can’t even answer that question because you love the company so much you can’t even verbalize it, you might be exactly who Ducati is looking for. Take some time to collect yourself, get some of the reasons your heart belongs to Borgo Panigale down on paper, breathe—and read on.

If you’re a Ducati owner who absolutely adores their bike, Ducati wants to hear your story. Right now, the company is looking for extremely passionate Ducati owners in the U.S. for its 2020 ad campaign. Besides convincing the company you’re the right pick, you’ll need to be comfortable both riding and being interviewed on camera. 

Assuming everything written here so far ticks all the boxes for you, you should send an email to Ducati with the subject line “Awaken.” It should contain a) a 60-second-or-less video, and b) a message covering the following three important bullet points:

  • Your name
  • Your Ducati’s year and model
  • Your city and state of residence

What should the video be about? Ducati wants to know what personal journey brought you to Ducati, and why you love it. Were there always bikes in your family? Had you never even thought about riding a motorcycle of any kind before, until you saw a 916? Are you someone who loves the Indiana? Ducati wants to hear all about it, as long as you can keep it under 60 seconds in length.

Now, here’s the tough part. Unfortunately for Ducatisti throughout the country, this search only lasts through February 18, 2020, at noon Pacific time. Sending an email is easy enough, but making a video you’re happy with might be more difficult. 

Lucky Ducatisti who are selected will be asked to join Ducati for a day-long photo and video shoot in California, as the company’s guests. Ducati stresses that riders of all ages, backgrounds, and skill levels are totally welcome and encouraged to enter.

Source: Ducati

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