Harley's Road Glide Special is pretty, well, special, right? Know what would make it even more special? A fancy paint job! To that end, The Motor Company unveiled a new Eagle Eye Special Edition Paint Option and it's extremely sharp and INCREDIBLY LOUD. 

The special edition paint is applied to the fairing, fuel tank, front and rear fenders, saddlebags and sidecovers. The eye-searing yellow gloss base paint is emblazoned with a giant eagle insignia that extends from the right side of the fuel tank to the right side of the front fairing. The left side of the fuel tank has a simple Bar & Shield logo, and the saddlebags feature the familiar Harley-Davidson script. This paint option is only available as a special order from Harley. This color won’t be offered as a dealer upgrade, only for brand new orders. 

Harley figures that at least some of its Road Glide buyers would be interested in a custom paint job, but don’t want to deal with the hassle of disassembling their bikes for paint or the expense of buying an accessory paint set that ends with discarded take-off parts. Of course, this custom paint comes with a Harley factory warranty where aftermarket paint probably won’t. 

Are you the kind of screaming eagle that wants to spread your wings and glide on the road? Maybe this chrome-free touring bike is the one you need to fit your specific brand of cautious rebellion. You’ve got to be just the right mix of rider to want this package. 

The 2020 Road Glide Special kitted out with the Eagle Eye Special Edition Paint Option is $29,294, a $1,495 price hike over the same bike with a standard solid paint job. That's really not a bad price for a custom paint set.

You know what they say; loud paint saves lives.

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