Do you like retro cool or future cool in your electric scooter styling? Either way, Singapore-based Swag EV may just have you covered. If you like the friendly retro looks of the Honda Metropolitan—or Scoopy, as it’s known in Thailand—but wish it was electric, you’ll want to know about the Type S. If aggro futuristic styling is more your thing, you’ll want to learn more about the Type X. Both just launched in Thailand—a country that seriously loves its scooters.  

Swag is short for “Supreme Wagon Automotive Group,” and both the Type S and Type X are powered by Bosch brushless hub motors. The Type S has a 60V 1750Kw motor, while the Type X has a 60V 2020Kw motor. Removable Samsung batteries can easily be charged with your household electric plug off the bike, which makes things super simple. 

Top speed is an electronically-limited 45kmh—or nearly 28mph—on both scoots, and they both have a range of about 70 kilometers, or just over 43 miles. Charge time, per the Thailand Tatler, is between two and three hours for a full charge—which makes them pretty ideal for city commuting. 

Gallery: Swag EV Scooters

I didn’t have a clicker to count them all, but by far the bikes I saw most while visiting Bangkok were Honda Scoopys. Seriously, they were everywhere, in every type of neighborhood. TT notes that the Type S sells for 62,900 baht, which is equivalent to about US $2,018. Meanwhile, the Type X sells for 65,900 baht, or US $2,114. That makes both models around 10,000 to 20,000 baht (or US $320 to $640) more than the Scoopy line. 

The batteries on the Swag EVs come with a warranty that lasts two years or 1,000 charge cycles. Meanwhile, the chassis and electronics come with a two-year warranty with no other conditions explicitly stated on the company’s website. 

Both scoots come with Eco, Cruise, and Turbo riding modes, although it’s unclear what any of these means for your range. There are also nice features like a battery anti-theft lock, an alarm with anti-theft vibration, long-range keyless remote start, and an LCD digital display. It’s unclear whether Swag EV has plans to expand outside of Asia, but these two electric scoots look like some intriguing options for the city-swarming absolute traffic madness of Bangkok.

Sources: Swag EV, Thailand Tatler

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