The fifth annual Women’s Motorcycle Show is almost upon us! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, or will be there on February 22, 2020, you should definitely stop by and check it out. The show was created and is hosted by the one and only MotoLady—also known as Alicia Elfving—and if 2020’s show is anything like past shows, it looks to be amazing.

It’s a place that showcases women motorcyclists, bikes, builds, artwork, and the amazing motorcycle community. For 2020, the show has moved to a new location (not the one listed at the end of the 2019 video shown here) and has longer hours. This year, it’s at the House of Machines LA and runs February 22, 2020, from 3 pm until 12 am. 

2020 Women's Motorcycle Show Poster

Besides great people, amazing bikes, fantastic food and drink, and awesome artwork, what can you expect to see? Short films about women riders from Cam Elkins of Stories of Bike! Live music! A raffle full of cool stuff! Most excitingly of all, you can try your hand at pinstriping, MIG and TIG welding, and blacksmithing with Real Deal Revolution. If you’ve ever wanted to see if doing those things yourself is for you, now is absolutely the opportunity. 

There’s a Google form at the official show details website if you want to submit your bike for the show, and you can also email the organizers if you want to show art or be involved in the show in any other way. For those unfamiliar, the House of Machines offers a full food and drink menu, and the Burnt To A Crisp Texas Smokehouse food truck will be on the scene, as well—so you’ll have plenty to eat and drink.  

General admission tickets are just $10, and all attendees are welcome. Also, if you know you’ll for sure be going, you can get an online deal through 6 pm Pacific Time on February 6. Presale tickets through Eventbrite or Facebook are 50 percent off with promo code MOTOLADY50, but only if you act fast. 

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