If you’re missing the sunshine like I am, you’re no doubt counting down the days till spring. As I write this, Chicago’s been going through its longest period without sunshine in 25 years. Our winter hasn’t been so bad, all things considered—but this week has been rough. Nothing an insane New Zealand hare scramble video can’t fix, though! 

The Tarawera 100 cross-country is an annual event, and in this particular run, a whopping 250 riders showed up to participate in the madness. Of course, in our current time, almost anyone can shoot footage of events—but not all of it is edited as well as this particular 11-minute short film put together by Ash Sowman.

Everyone in it just seems happy, and excited in that relaxed way you get when you’re just enjoying the fun of something, but not necessarily stressing out about it. Spend a lot of time with racers getting ready for events like this and you'll know exactly what I mean. At a hare scramble, everyone starts at once—and as you can imagine, the field for this thing makes the event start look like absolute insanity. 

Have you ever watched a swarm of ants completely engulf a piece of food? That’s what all these dirt bikes look like as they start off the line and begin cascading over the greenery. All that easy, relaxed vibe from earlier instantly goes out the window as everyone snaps on their goggles and gets to work, thrashing these bikes within an inch of their lives.

It’s an absolute blast to watch, it revs you up out of any winter blahs you’ve been feeling, and it’s completely what I needed to see on this otherwise dreary day. Here’s hoping it brings the fun to your eyes and ears as well. It’s a great reminder that spring is on the horizon eventually, and soon we’ll all be going as fast and as far as we want on whatever bikes we choose to carry us.

Source: YouTube

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