If the Honda CBX1000 is your type of bike, chances are good you already know it the first time you see it. It might not be everyone’s cup of tea—but if it’s yours, you’ll feel that pull almost immediately. That six-cylinder rumble simply can’t be beat, and this 1982 example is extremely pristine and well-kept.

It’s the type of story that reminds you about why you got into motorcycling in the first place. Owner Matthias Beier inherited this bike from his uncle, who in turn got it from his own dad—and the bike has been in the family since it was new. Amazingly, in all that time, it racked up under 5000 miles in total. That’s at least part of why it’s still in such gorgeous, stock shape. 

That strong family connection flows through this bike every time Beier rides it, as he explains in this video. He feels like riding is bringing him closer to his uncle. Even if they can’t ride together, it’s almost as though he’s there. That’s incredibly beautiful and special, and even if you don’t have exactly the same lived experience he does, you can instantly relate and feel those sun-warmed-saddle feelings. 

He tells a tale of learning to ride as a child by riding along with someone else. Tossed up to straddle that tank and experience the sensations of moving through the world on two wheels, long before he could reach the controls. Beier hung on, grew into his bikes, and never left because that feeling never left him.

We often say “start ‘em young” in various pieces here at RideApart. Sometimes it’s off-the-cuff, or half-joking, but there’s always at least a slight note of seriousness there. Those early passions usually never leave you, and that’s why building them is so important if we want to keep encouraging new riders. I didn’t start as a kid, but knowing what I do now, I probably would have started a lot sooner if I had—and Beier’s story just illustrates that idea incredibly well.

Source: YouTube   

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