If only it was this easy!

The very first line in the closed captions of this video says what we’re all thinking, much of the time: “A motorcycle would solve most of my problems.” Same, Corridor. Same. Even if you aren’t currently fighting off zombie hordes, chances are excellent that you’ll want to watch this video. After all, you’ll learn exactly how to make your own motorcycle entirely out of bamboo. I mean, it’s super sustainable, and it grows SO FAST. Your post-apocalyptic enemies won’t stand a chance!

Obviously, I kid. But seriously, it’s a fun short film that’s basically live-action Minecraft-ing a motorbike together. First, you harvest the bamboo you planted yesterday, which has magically grown very tall overnight. Next, you lay out your bamboo frame materials in the right order, combine them with some cloth strips, and instantly get a working motorbike frame. See? So easy a caveman could do it.

Half the battle is finding materials to build your new bike after the zombie apocalypse. Know what’s plentiful, though? Zombie arms! I don’t think that rotting zombie flesh is anywhere near as durable as most bike tires, but they seem to work well enough for this build. Take a clay hub, some wooden spokes, and three zombie arms tied together in a circle, combine, and you get a working wheel and tire! Sheer genius.

By now, you get the idea of where this is going. The noise of the handy log engine he crafts unfortunately draws the attention of the nearby ravening, flesh-eating hordes, and the guy and his roommate have to beat down some zombies before they can test out the new engine. Thankfully, it works! 

Soon, the guy is leading an ever-growing line of khaki cargo-short-wearing mindless brain munchers on a merry chase as he scavenges for more survival materials. Overall, this video has a whole ‘Minecraft-meets-Buster-Keaton’ slapstick-y vibe about it, and I think that’s oddly fitting for the end of the decade we’re currently in.

Source: YouTube

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