Planning ahead when you’re doing a road trip can mean plotting food options you haven’t tried before, or grabbing a cup at some awesome new coffee place. Those things are nice to have, of course, but they’re not quite as necessary as planning ahead if you’re riding an electric motorcycle. If this is you, Google Maps just made your life a little easier when planning your charging stops.

Electric vehicle charging stations are spreading across the land. Overall, that is good news if you’re into electric vehicles. However, whether you use a J1772 charger like some Zero motorcycles or a CCS charger like Energicas, it’s important to know which types of plugs are available at which stations. Google Maps developers, thankfully, are on your side.

Google Maps EV Charging Stations
Google Maps EV charging station plug types, as seen on a laptop in Chrome
Google Maps EV Charging Stations
Google Maps EV charging station plug types, as shown via the Android app

A Tesla proprietary connector, for example, will be very little help to you if you’re quietly running out of juice and you’re on a Zero. When Android Police reported that earlier in 2019, Google Maps first added functionality to find electric charging stations in the first place, it was a welcome advance. Now, Google has made the system even better, whether you’re using a mobile device or your computer.

Maps also allows you to add whichever plugs your vehicle uses to your preferences, so you can automatically filter your EV charging station searches in the future. According to The Verge, Maps also already tells you whether an EV charger is currently in use. Knowing both which type of charger is at a station and whether it’s currently available are both extremely useful for your trip-planning needs. 

This functionality is currently available in the US and UK. Like many apps and functionalities, availability may vary based on geographic location. It can’t save you from some other EV owner swiping that charger seconds before you arrive, but hopefully, it’ll reduce potential charging headaches while you’re out and about most of the time. 

Screenshots: Janaki Jitchotvisut

Sources: Android Police, Google Maps, The Verge

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