If you’re a motorcycle racing fan, there’s cool memorabilia and then there’s stupid memorabilia. Wall-worthy racing artwork? Cool. The official paper towels of your favorite racing series? Pretty stupid. Ducati, it seems, is smarter than that—lucky for all of us. Ducati Memorabilia, a new project from the boys at Borgo Panigale, will offer actual race-used motorcycle bits from its MotoGP and World Superbike teams for your souvenir-purchasing pleasure.

Beginning in December 2019, Ducati will offer select bits of Memorabilia for sale if you visit the mothership in Borgo Panigale. We’re talking crankshafts, pistons, con rods—all kinds of exquisite bits. Each part is carefully collected, polished, and encased for you to proudly display wherever you wish. 

You won’t simply get some greasy camshaft showing up at your door, wrapped in bubble wrap and sealed inside a plain, brown envelope, either. Each piece comes with a certificate of authenticity signed by Claudio Domenicali and Gigi Dall’Igna themselves. 

Gallery: Ducati Memorabilia Project

They’ll also come in what Ducati understatedly describes as “an elegant box,” and will be enclosed inside a plexiglass case. A plate etched with a description of the part and which bike it’s from will form the base of the case. Since these will be genuine race-used parts and not replicas, availability will be very limited.

After an initial rollout at Borgo Panigale HQ, Ducatisti and anyone else interested in purchasing a piece of this Memorabilia will be able to do so through Ducati dealerships and, eventually, through Ducati’s online store in 2020. The exact rollout of online purchasing has yet to be announced. 

Somewhat amusingly, Ducati also included, “Note: the items may only be used for exhibition purpose” in its announcement. So, you know, don’t order one of these engine bits and think you can just slap it in your bike and go fast, race fans (even assuming it fits, obviously). 

If you click the “Find Out More” links under each piece on Ducati’s website, many of them feature the following as the last line in the listing: “Component subject to oxidation over time. To maintain its appearance, we recommend regular lubrication.” I mean, you have to dust and polish other display pieces if you want to keep them nice, so why not your shiny, race-used Ducati crankshaft?

Source: Ducati

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