Psst, hey kid, wanna buy an electric powertrain?

If you’re a company that’s been working on electric powertrains for some time, and you want to show them off to the world, there are worse ways to do it than making an entire bike. That’s the approach that Bologna-based motorcycle development and design firm Engines Engineering took with its electric Stratos motocross moped. 

You might not know it, but E&E has worked behind the scenes in the motorcycle space for the past 40 years, both with internal combustion and electric powertrains. The company has brought Malaguti to several GP125 constructor’s championship victories since 2000, and introduced the reborn Suzuki Katana concept at EICMA 2017.  On the electric side, it developed the Malaguti Ciak ELE electric scooter all the way back in the year 2000. 

“Stratos demonstrates not only all-new electric motor and power control products, but also the deep vehicle integration we are famous for,” E&E electric vehicle department manager Enrico Zelioli said in a statement.  “These components are engineered in-house but completely adaptable to many vehicle types, and include our own proprietary software, allowing us to meet any client performance targets with affordable custom solutions that off-the-shelf components cannot.” 

Gallery: Stratos Motocross Moped Electric Concept Bike

E&E says that its Stratos powertrain is modular, and includes motors ranging from 4kW to 11kW, which can be either air- or liquid-cooled. As for the motocross moped also called Stratos, stats are as follows, all from E&E’s numbers: top speed is 85kmh (just under 53mph), 0 to 50kmh (0 to 31mph) time is 3.7 seconds, range is 125km (77.6 miles), and weight is 120Kg (264.5 lbs). 

Seeing photos and an introduction video of the Stratos motocross moped concept is one thing. Whether we’ll eventually see it put through its paces in off-road situations, even just in video form, is a definite question. 

We’re not motorcycle manufacturers, as you may have noticed, so we know we’re not the target market for this concept demonstration. It’s an interesting glimpse behind the curtain at how the electric sausage might be made, though. 

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