Talented stunt rider and all-around multi-moto-disciplinary badass Aaron Colton is no stranger to building bikes from the ground up. Long before his first Project Two-Stroke in 2016, he came up working on the bikes that he’d later put through their paces at events. It’s the siren song of grassroots racing, and even though he’s a Red Bull guy now, he still sings it, loud and proud. 

For Project Two-Stroke 2.0, Colton needed to find a likely dirt bike to fix up for the 2019 Red Bull Day In The Dirt. However, just because the original Project Two-Stroke bike was a YZ125 doesn’t mean he’s solely a Yamaha man. After striking out on Craigslist—a place I’m sure many of us have been before—he phoned a friend and got exactly what he needed.

The new bike: A Honda CR125. It’s not even close to the worst thing that Director Jason has seen lately, but it definitely needed a bit of TLC before it would be ready for a full-on muddy thrashing at Glen Helen. Of course, it also helps when you know a guy (or a few guys), and you have all the parts hookups you could ever want.  

Luckily, Colton had a tiny, adorable helper in the form of a small child to carry parts away as he took them off the bike. (Start ‘em young! Then, one day, maybe they’ll grow up to thrash their own bikes in the dirt.) 

In any case, Colton took everything apart, cleaned it up, and then assembled a race-ready machine to take out for a test ride. Through the magic of editing, what clearly took all night was time-lapsed into just a few short moments before our very eyes. The bits we did see looked very chill, and not at all frenetic. Either Garage 93 is the chillest garage ever, or it’s all in the editing. Could be both, even!

Sadly, we’ll have to wait for the next installment to see what actually happened at Day In The Dirt 2019, which took place from November 28 through December 1, 2019. Hopefully, the little CR and its rider had a great day playing in the mud. 

Source: YouTube

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