“Colossally stupid” and “massively selfish” are just two of the phrases a judge used to describe the actions of three motorcyclists convicted in a Sussex, UK court last week. The charge: Dangerous driving. The GoPro footage you see above was seized by Sussex police—because of course one of these guys recorded their hoonage for posterity. 

In April 2019, Sussex police received reports of dangerous riding and a crash in the East Sussex area. According to the official police report, rider Thomas Ettridge was identified, and it was his GoPro that was seized as part of the investigation. From there, police identified two other riders who were riding dangerously and were part of a larger group: Thomas Hayden and Matthew McLaven. 

Wheelies, darting through congested traffic at speeds approaching 200mph, and riding that meant the slightest mistake would likely injure or kill either these riders or other road users were all captured on video. It’s this evidence that police used to convict the three and sentence them respectively to 10 months, 6 months, and 4 months imprisonment. The three must also take another driving test if they want to get their licenses back after their driving bans lasting at least two years are up. 

“This has been a shocking investigation into some of the fastest and most dangerous motorcycling I have ever come across,” said PC Chris Welsh, of the Serious Collision Investigation Unit in a statement. 

“The speeds and general aggressive manner of the riding identified are simply ridiculous and leave no room for error should the slightest of issues have occurred. Not only are the riders risking their own lives, but also those of the other road users around them throughout these journeys.”

In sentencing, after describing their actions as “colossally stupid and massively selfish,” the judge also added that it was “nothing more than good fortune that you were not killed or injured.” 

Sources: YouTube, Kent Online, Sussex Police


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