When traveling by motorcycle, it can be worth taking the more scenic and engaging roads instead of the most direct, boring routes. It takes longer but it makes the trip more pleasurable. Unless you’re familiar with the area and know where to go, however, your dreams of picturesque landscapes and sinuous roads are usually dampened by the need to use a GPS. Most apps and systems are designed to get you there via the most efficient and time-saving route. Your life as a motorcycle road trip enthusiast is about to change. Meet Kurviger. 

The tool is a sort of German-designed Google Maps that’s actually been created with motorcycles in mind. Just like in any classic GPS app, you start your journey on Kurviger by entering your starting point and the desired destination. Now, this is where things get pretty funky and cool. You get to customize your route at a level I’ve never seen before. Where has this been all my life?

You can choose between four options of road types (from straight highways to the curviest roads you can meet on the way). The map will also identify the gas stations located along the way as well as mechanics (in case of a breakdown), museums, hotels, attractions, and—in alpine regions—mountain passes. You can even generate a random loop by entering a starting point and the number of miles you would like to travel.

In the advanced settings, you can also choose to avoid tolls, ferries, motorways, and even trails. You can even choose to avoid using the same road twice, in case you want to mix things up a little. You can display the elevation diagram at the bottom of the map that shows you the elevation of the terrain you’ll be riding on. 

The tool is available online and as an app you can download in your smartphone and take with you. There’s a free, basic version of the app and a pro one that sells for $9.49 and adds turn-by-turn navigation and vocal instructions capability (the free version will map the road and give you access to the same options offered in the online version but won’t allow you to get the real-time instructions).

The app has launched only recently and can be a little rough around the edges. The interface could be a little more user-friendly and some users reported having a harder time finding some postal codes. There’s still a bit of work to do for the tool to reach its full potential but it’s already practical. Plus, the Kurviger team is very responsive and takes the time to interact with the users and take their comments into account, something I whole-heartedly support. 

I don’t know for you, but I know what tool I’ll be using next time I’m planning a motorcycle road trip.

Source: Kurviger

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