I might be partial but I don’t think Zero Motorcycles needs any help in the styling department. The SR/F electric sportbike introduced at the beginning of 2019 serves as proof that the Californian company knows how to make a bike look good. This doesn’t mean that there aren’t creative spirits out there who want to take things a step further and give life to their own vision. 

For Italian firm E-Racer Motorcycle, that vision blends high-tech and old school. The custom shop added two new designs to its 2020 lineup, one of which is based on the Zero SR/F, dubbed The Edge. Cue all the U2 references. 

The Edge builds on what the SR/F already has to offer and enhances it. E-Racer replaced the headlight with a small light pod and two LED strips framing it and slightly altered the “tank” design with armor paint-coated panels on each side. The handlebar has also been switched for a superbike component with clip ons. One of the most striking changes is the tan, diamond-stitched leather saddle which is absolutely gorgeous and gives the bike a proper retro look.

Gallery: E-Racer Motorcycle Zero SR/F The Edge Custom

An AirTender air dampening system has been added to the rear shock to add to the riding comfort. The team also added its Audio-Forceback (E-RAF) which is an audio system that produces high and low-frequency sound waves that 1) warn pedestrians of the presence of the electric motorcycle and 2) provide feedback to the rider. 

The subsonic speakers create a vibration similar to that of an engine revving. This creates a more “familiar” experience for the rider (something I found unsettling riding on the Zero—the lack of sound and engine feedback). As for the performance numbers, they are the same as the standard Zero at 110 horsepower and 140 lb-ft of torque. 

The customization costs $6,600 (€6,000) in addition to the cost of the bike. The shop also offers a customization kit for the Zero FXS in case you wish to make your dirtbike even more… Rugged. Here’s one way to give your Zero a look that stands out from the crowd if you feel the need to turn more heads. 

Source: E-Racer Motorcycle

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